Police 365™ RTCC to assist with Operation Safe Summer

Since the pandemic began and stay-at-home orders were enacted, the department has seen an increase of calls regarding domestic violence, disturbances and shots fired. The department believes most crime is being committed by a small group of people within a small area.

Police 365™ Realtime Crime system helps Police & Sheriff keep streets safer

New technology and analysis of data are helping keep the streets safe by utilizing resources in the most effective and efficient manner.

WBR Sheriff's Office will utilize GISMO™ to streamline operations

GISMO™ continues to gain momentum as the indispensable tool for Law Enforcement. WBR Sheriff, Sheriff Cazes, is equipping his deputies with the state-of-the-art technology to streamline operations and improve officer & public safety.

365 Labs Donates Realtime Crime Center System to City of Baton Rouge

GI is proud to continue our commitment to providing our law enforcement partners the best technology to keep communities safe. Read the full story

365 Labs hosts APA Justice Leadership Institute

365 Labs had the pleasure of hosting the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys’ Leadership Institute and showcasing how Police365™ and Case 365™ smart technology can create digital Government and safer communities.

Zachary police to use GISMO electronic ticket-writing devices to speed process, make it safer

The devices will also streamline administrative processes associated with tickets.

License plate readers, GPS tracking among features in GISMO handheld smart-devices used by EBRSO

The system also streamlines the process deputies use of reporting information and gathering evidence. “I’m able to get back on to patrol faster. It’s better for me, it’s better for the public as well.”

Causeway Police selects GISMO after 6 months of hands-on testing of competitive products

The Causeway Commission voted to seek proposals from firms that could supply hardware and software needed to implement an electronic ticketing system.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff is transforming Law Enforcement with GISMO™ & 365™ platform

“Having this technology makes our deputies more efficient and effective, better prepared and safer. It’s important to me to ensure they are best equipped to protect and serve the community,” Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said in a statement about the new program Tuesday.

365 Labs welcomes american presecutors Association Major County Prosecutor's Council to Baton Rouge

Governor John Edwards will be the keynote speaker at the American Prosecutors Association Major County Prosecutors’ Council being hosted by Baton Rouge. This is a national event that brings together the largest prosecution offices in the nation to share innovative ideas and advance the field of criminal prosecution.

365 Labs and Software & Services of LA join forces to create End-to-End Public-Safety Solution

365 Labs have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop and market software solutions for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice applications.

Baton Rouge company makes $20 Million Tech Park Investment

Baton Rouge-based IT company 365 Labs is now giving back to the Baton Rouge area by making a $20 million investment in the new @Highland technology park, which broke ground last week.
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